"Why don't you sell _________?"

There's an insane number of products available to get you off the grid. And although we don't know everything, we can tell you what has worked for us over the long haul.

Only after using the products and having long conversations with manufacturers do we agree to bring them into our shop. This way we (and you) know that your purchased item is coming from a place of integrity.

Every one of the manufacturers we sell, have impressed us not only in product quality, but in service after the sale and honesty up front. This is how we can promise you that GTFO has your best interest in mind when we recommend a product. 

And of course, if there is something that you want that we don't have, we will happily take the steps to get it for you! This is one way we can learn about new products, and to be a better shop in general. Never be afraid to email us and ask!!