Want to know what we think is cool? 4x4 vans are cool. Old Jeeps are cool. Rooftop tents and Defenders and BLM Land and hiking boots are cool. Big squishy tires and State Parks are way cool.

Want to know what else is cool? That dude Paul who lived in his beat-to-shit Kia Soul for a summer. That couple who spent 3 weeks camping in their Prius, checking off boxes on their National Parks list.  A single mom taking her kids camping for a single night is so cool we don't even have words for it. Although we have the word "overland" on our website and hats and t-shirts, we can't ignore the fact that a custom Defender in New Zealand has more in common with a single mother's Honda Element than not. They are both literal and figurative vehicles to get out and enjoy places without walls. 

 We all love pretty pictures of Jeep Rubicons and isolated campsites. We also want to recognize that for some people, getting out of town for a single night is harder than another's trip down the Baja Peninsula. 

The point is, it's not our place to judge. None of us were born in a Land Cruiser.* We all had to start somewhere, and for some people that means getting time off work approved by a manager. 

We feel that the Earth is kind of a big place with plenty of room for all types. Let's inspire each other to go see more of it. 

Thanks for stopping by,

- The GTFO Team -

 *If you personally were born in a Land Cruiser, please email us so we can interview your mom.

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