SnoMaster Traveller - TR42SS

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The true workhorse fridge in the size that fits almost any SUV. We’ve even installed one of these in the back of a Subaru! This 42L stainless steel fridge is by far one of the nicest we at GTFO have ever used, and we’ve used a lot! Comes with a remote that shows your auxiliary battery level, a travel case, and an externally mounted bottle opener. Plus let’s be honest, it’s waaaaay sexy.

The Traveler 42L SS boasts stainless steel construction, a battery monitor, remote control with temp display, and 60mm insulation. The SnoMaster line can run on 12 or 24v DC power sources as well as 110v AC. All power cords are includes as well as the Transit bag to keep the fridge better insulated and looking new.

Other features/specs:

 Temp Range 50F to -8F, 10c to -22c

  •  Running Current: 2.5, 5 or Variable Amps @ 12 V DC, average run time 12 hours in 24

  •  66 Watt Snomaster compressor

  •  Cut out Voltage 3 settings: 10/10.7/11.8 Volts @ 12 V DC

  •  Interior LED Light

  •  60mm Polyurethane Insulation

  •  3 min delay protection start up

  •  On / off Switch

  •  Power Consumption: 66 watt

  •  Battery Monitor

  •  Free Bottle Opener

  •  Weight: 52.9lbs, 24Kg

*Shipping Terms - We take great care to make sure your fridge arrives in perfect condition. To do this we use LTL freight shipping, which means 3 things:

- You must provide either a commercial address for us to ship to, or be willing to pick up at your nearest LTL freight hub. 

- You must be present and able to inspect and sign for your shipment. 

- You must choose "Fridge Freight" at checkout - $165

We understand this is a high cost. We don't like it either. What we dislike more though is having a bummed customer because of a damaged product. We love our fridges and are positive you will too, which is why we package them on a pallet and get them delivered to you with the greatest of care.