SnoMaster EX85D Fridge and Freezer

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Got kids? Bring the ice cream. Got a desire for margaritas at the campsite? Bring plenty of ice. The EX-85D has a large enough dedicated freezer compartment that you can actually bring both!

The Expedition series from Snomaster is one of our favorites here at GTFO. With the same 21.5"x18.5" footprint as it's little brother, the EX-75, this one grows a bit taller to accommodate the dual zone fridge and freezer.  This brings the total cooling capacity up to almost 90qts (85 liters). 

And have we mentioned efficiency yet? This is the feature that drew GTFO to SnoMaster to begin with. Because SnoMaster uses their own, proprietary compressor, you are not getting the exact same inner workings as most other brands, but a fridge that sips at your battery capacity, and will stay colder, longer, with less power used. It also comes standard with a 5-year compressor warranty.

Whether you are building your dream van, or need a fridge that will get you off the road and out exploring further, the Expedition series should be one of the first you look at. 

From the manufacturer:

Dual AC/DC 12/24 DC 110/220 AC fridge or freezer with Stainless steel cabinet, hinges, locks and handles and Lid open Alarm.

3 Internal baskets included, Each compartment can be set independently -8ºF to 50ºF, Digital thermostat, LED Light /Lid alarm. Transit bag and remote included.

  •   12/24 V DC 120 V AC
  •   Model: EX85D
  •   Size: 32.48 x 18.50 x 25 Inches, 825W x 470D x 635H mm’s
  •   Capacity: 89.81 Quarts, 85 Liter (37/48 Split)
  •   Running Current: 2.5, 5 or Variable @ 12 V DC, average run time 12 hours in 24
  •   Power Consumption: 66 watt
  •   Weight: 83.77lbs, 38Kg


  •   12/24 V DC 120 V AC
  •   Temp Range 50F to -8F, 10c to -22c
  •   Running Current: 2.5, 5 or Variable Amps @ 12 V DC, average run time 12 hours in 24
  •   66 Watt Snomaster compressor
  •  Cut out Voltage 3 settings: 10/10.7/11.8 Volts @ 12 V DC
  •  Interior LED Light
  •  3 min delay protection start up
  • On / off Switch
  • Power Consumption: 66 watt
  • Battery Monitor
  • Free Bottle Opener
  • Weight: 83.77lbs, 38Kg


  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • 3 Internal baskets included
  • Transit Bag Included
  • Wireless Remote, Solar Rechargeable Included
  • End/Front/Back discharging to reduce overheating potential.
  • 5 Year Compressor Warranty

*Shipping Terms - We take great care to make sure your fridge arrives in perfect condition. To do this we use LTL freight shipping, which means 3 things:

- You must provide either a commercial address for us to ship to, or be willing to pick up at your nearest LTL freight hub. 

- You must be present and able to inspect and sign for your shipment. 

- You must choose "Fridge Freight" at checkout - $165

We understand this is a high cost. We don't like it either. What we dislike more though is having a bummed customer because of a damaged product. We love our fridges and are positive you will too, which is why we package them on a pallet and get them delivered to you with the greatest of care.