Area BFE Black Series Roof Top Tent

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You ever drive a car that was so good, it somehow ruined your own car for you? Where afterwards, your car just wasn't fast enough, or comfortable enough, or had the wrong engine tone? That's what having a hardshell tent is like. It makes all other tents seem unreasonably unattractive. 

Flip a couple latches, and give the handle a slight push, and the tent sets itself up. Lay down on the 3" mattress and it's over. You're hooked. Not to mention the included shoe-bag and the limitless storage options when you utilize the aluminum channels down each side of the tent. 

When in the storage position, our tents are only 6.3" tall, and have a way of cutting through the wind and even help deliver better gas mileage compared to the soft, folding-type tents. And don't even get us started on the fact that you can install a solar panel directly to the top, and have endless power inside to charge phones, tablets, and multiple lights if you want.

Adventure Vehicle Tents are proudly stocked and distributed out of our Long Beach warehouse in Southern California, and are available to see/buy in person, or can be shipped anywhere in the lower 48 States - Free!

Hard Shell Tent Weights:

Small - 142lbs

Medium - 155lbs

Large - 167lbs

Dimensions Mattress Dimensions

Alu RTT (small) 85x51x6.3 81.5x51x3"
Alu RTT (medium) 85x56x6.3 81.5x55x3"
Alu RTT (large) 85x60x6.3 81.5x57x3"
Soft RTT (small) 51.5x43.5x8.5 86.6x51.5x2"
Soft RTT (large) 64x43.5x8.5 86.6x51.5x2"
Roof Crossbar (small)
Roof Crossbar (medium)
Roof Crossbar (large)