Christmas for the Procrastinator

Holy crap you guys, it’s almost Christmas. You’re running out of time, but we’ve got your back. Our world of camping and overlanding and van-lifing and generally getting-the-f-outdoorsing is full of all kinds of goodies and doodads that the people in your life might not already have, but like, totally need. Oh, and when I said we got your back? We have these items on-hand in the store right now. So swing by. Touch and feel them, and know that we are here to answer your questions. 

Here’s a few things that we think rule the gift giving lists this year!

GoTreads: These things are a whole lot of awesome jammed into a pretty compact and affordable package. Not only are they a great recovery tool (they have used them to help an eighteen wheeler get out of their loading dock in the snow…), but they double duty as adjustable leveling blocks! And they’ll even fit under your friend’s seat with that lone McDonald’s french fry.

Front Runner Expander Chair: Dude, there’s like a thousand chairs out there. Sit around a campfire with a group and everyone has something different. Rockers, minimalist, good designs, terrible designs… but this chair is the workhorse. Hell, come visit us at the shop, and you’ll see these are our office chairs. 

Kovea Retro Mini Stove: This is the cutest item on the list, but once you see it in person it becomes clear what a well-designed piece of equipment this is. Your loved one will marvel as they find all the hidden features—the ceramic-coated cast iron pot AND plate/lid stow away inside! It is the perfect size—for one person especially. (...and not to brag, but our price is KILLER on these)

Solar Shower Outdoor Shower with Temp Gauge: Remember when you were on that one trip and your buddy said, “I’d pay $24.99 for a hot shower right now.” Well, they’re in luck. Add water and three hours of sun, and BOOM hot shower.

Atlas 46 Hillsboro Roll: We’ve got these guys in two versions… The first intended to house tools for out on the road or trail, complete with a socket holder and magnets sewn in to permit mounting directly to your vehicle. OR if your pal just needs a little general organization on their next trip, the Personal Bag version loses the magnets and socket holder, and saves a few bucks.

Of course, we have plenty of other items to match any budget or the hardest folks to shop for. Contact us, or stop by the shop, we’d love to help you find that perfect gift!